Produce Talks

January 2024 State of the Canadian produce industry

Episode Summary

Jane Proctor, Colin Chapdelaine, Brian Faulkner and Sue Lewis on the state of the Canadian produce industry and marketing fruit and vegetables to Canadians.

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jane Proctor, CPMA’s Vice President of Policy & Issue Management leads a discussion with CPMA Chair, Colin Chapdelaine, Brian Faulkner of BCfresh and Sue Lewis, CPMA’s Vice President of Market Development on the state of the Canadian produce industry.

The four share their perspectives on:

• Two recent research reports on the enormous contribution of the fresh produce industry to the Canadian economy.

• What the industry and the government can do to improve Canadians’ health by encouraging the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

• Marketing fresh produce to Canadians using tips from the Half Your Plate website.